Wednesday, April 18, 2007

My Sweet Daughter

I found this picture by chance last night in Photobucket.

This photo proves the "it's really a small world after all" idea. Of the billions of images available to me from Photobucket, just what were the chances I would run into my daughter performing what has to be one of the first slap stick routines we learn as small fry? Some fun never gets old. She is the the one on the right by the way. It is nice to see all that college tuition money has not been wasted.

She really is an intelligent, hard working grad student. And while she whines about not having enough time to have any fun, this picture indicates she is able to squeeze some in once in awhile.

I have not confirmed with her that this is a picture of her. But I know my kid. And if this sweet young lady is not, she should be. I deserve no less. I guess finding her on the web with her finger knuckle deep in her petite beak is better than coming across a shot of her with naughty bits exposed on some "Wild Co-eds on Vacation" site.

I haven't checked one of those sites out yet. Stay tuned.

1 comment:

Apertome said...

It's a small world indeed ... incredible that you just happened upon that image. The university might be interested in that image, the very picture of a sophisticated grad student. (Actually, I'm glad she doesn't take herself too seriously.)