Monday, April 23, 2007

By Invitation Only

I did not have anything burning in my belly to rail about today. There was no picture that crossed the screen to loosen any creative juices. I decided to clean up some garbage and do some sweeping and dusting in the memory banks of this computer. I am soon to be firing up a new computer and it would be stupid to move the junk I never use here to the new digs. So uncharacteristically, I am stepping out of character and cleaning up.

Since blogging has recently caught my fancy again, I figured a good reaming of the older "favorites" in the bookmark section would be in order. I had not visited many of them since the day I honored them with a listing in my computer. Instead of deleting all, I opened each one and took a peak. Many had died from lack of interest. Many had changed their names to protect the innocent. And one, "That was Hardly Necessary" is now so exclusive, readers may enter by invitation only.

In a world where all the inhabitants seem to be clamoring for some recognition and are ecstatic to even find "U Suck" in their comment boxes, here is a blog that pretends to be so special you need a pass from the guy guarding the door. I envision a cybernetic velvet rope of sorts keeping the pressing masses from entering yet hoping to glimpse what is on the inside. That somehow, should we get to enter, some of the cool factor that permeates from every corner will rub off and our lives will be magically elevated to the hip and with it.

But then maybe the blog has stooped to some horrid new low that only attracts the scum and losers of this planet. And in keeping with their lower standards, they now must screen all who enter in order to weed out the normal among us. Considering the complete lack of any standards throughout the Internet, I find this idea implausible. I cannot think of anything so low and ghastly a google search won't turn it up.
So I left the exclusive site in my bookmarks. If only to remind me that while I wish someone would stop by, there are those who really don't care.

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Tom Stormcrowe said...

Hmm, you'll even let disreputable ol' me in here, after all!

Don't worry, I knocked the mud and put on my cleat covers!