Thursday, December 05, 2019

Cherished Christian Values

The Evangelical Right has been whining for years about how unfair the Secular World is to them.  Cry me a river.  They enthusiastically endorsed the most evil and amoral politician in years and then expect us to not notice the blatant hypocrisy of that move.  They deserve all the disrespect and derision they get.

Clueless soldiers of God wonder why they are losing faithful participants at such a high rate.  They did this to themselves with their inflexible and nonsensical views that somehow taking us back to the days of the Old Testament will save us, but just in case get ready for the End.  I have no pity nor any respect for them.

Instead of looking inward to the cause of their decline,  they hide behind tired excuses, religious mumbo jumbo and that favorite of favorites, religious persecution.  Bullshit.  Heathens are not to blame.  They, and they only are to blame.  Nothing but a bunch of sanctimonious jerkwads.

All the Secular World wants from them is to stop trying to turn our nation into a Theocracy and become no better than those countries they pretend to hate, because everyone knows the Christian god is the only true god.  Save the Fire and Brimstone for Sunday behind closed doors.  Stop trying to cram it down my throat.

But I guess it was only a matter of time before they were going to meet their new Messiah.  The God Fearing and the God Sneering united in a duality of purposes, both intent on the subjugation of the folks they pretend to care about.  You two deserve each other.

And to think I once considered the Episcopal priesthood as a career.  Damn, I sure dodged a bullet.

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PipeTobacco said...


Great words! The dichotomy of the fundamentalists supporting Trump is one that is so, so very mind numbingly incomprehensible that there really is no way to make it make any sort of sense. But, in reality, perhaps to a lesser sense, that same dichotomy exists for all forms of religions where people support Republican agendas.... it is just even more blatant with Trump supporters.

Basic tenets of nearly every faith I know of.... Christian, Judaism, Muslim, etc. has at their core in terms of teaching the idea of support and caring for others. The Trump agenda and the Republican agenda generally.... both are really focused for the most part on selfish self-interest.... basically to “not give a damn about anyone other than self”.

I can fully understand your idea about your own relief about your contemplation about the Episcopal faith. I can say that I too had thoughts occasionally when young about religious life in my own faith (RCC). But.... even though there are plenty of (foolish) Republican/Trumpers in both of those faiths.... you also need to keep in mind that there are ALSO many in those faiths who are Liberal/Democratic focused as well. I often wonder for myself about the idea that I perhaps could have been an instrument for change if I had selected to enter a religious order? Perhaps I could have been successful in helping there to be more in the faith who would recognize the innate need to care for and about others? Perhaps I could have helped shift the thoughts a bit, but that is water under the bridge, I guess. I can, however, still try for the same goal in the work I do have.


MRMacrum said...

Pipe Tobacco - Excellent words there. Really.

And you are right. The organized religions of the World are not chock full of nuts and fundamentalists. Yet, when religions do not control their own extreme sects and allow them to hijack the big banner, they become nothing better than so many enablers.

The Blog Fodder said...

The cartoon is bang on. They sold their souls for political power.

Ol'Buzzard said...

Jesus people are so easily led - Children are indoctrinated, but they eventually grow up. Those that stay or choose fundamentalism; you can be sure their elevators don't go all the way to the top floor. Unfortunately, they make up a good percentage of the world population.
Thus, where we are today
the Ol'Buzzard

PipeTobacco said...

Yes, the fundamental folks of all faiths ARE problematic as Buzz suggests because they by biology or by purposeful choice... chose to not think and reason..... and they adopt the simplest mindset possible.... what they think/are told is all that is right.... everything else is bad/wrong and should be annihilated. The idea of trying to get the extremists to think (religious or political) is the nearly impossible task that need to be done to get folks to actually get along.


and people want to know why I'm a pagan...

Kulkuri said...

Makes me wish there really was a Hell for like of Jerry Falwell Sr and Paul Weyrich, they are the ones that got religion involved in politics by bringing abortion into the discussion.

Religion started getting involved in politics when the Nixon admin disallowed segregation academy tuition as a tax deduction,(And now they support the GOP, go figure?), but racism isn't good bumpersticker topic. "Pro-Life" was easier to put on a bumpersticker.

PipeTobacco said...


Missing your posts!