Monday, February 11, 2019

Letting Heaven Sink In

I was not going to write a post unless something caught my eye.  Hopefully something funny, but hey, I will go with anything if it tickles me.

I was about to close down the 'puter for the night.  I decided that checking Facebook might illicit some chuckles or righteous indignation. I scrolled one last time through the "home" feed.

Amidst the many anti Trump meme's, the cute pet vids,  and the "I have to have this" ads, I came across the story of a small grocery chain in Arkansas who stepped on their sanity when they posted their latest special ads in local newspapers.

I realize that Arkansas is in the heart of Bible Country.  More of the faithful exist there per square mile than say here in the pucker of Maine.  So it was probably not a stretch for whoever writes their copy to assume that this innocuous Christian based slogan would be welcomed.

"Heaven has a wall, a gate, and a strict immigration policy.  Hell has open borders.  Let that sink in."

They obviously were not prepared for the backlash.  While God may indeed be a Republican, apparently many of his faithful adherents are not.  They and I am guessing the few heathens living in the area got their panties in a knot.

I think it is hilarious.  I think it is absolutely the best example any business should use to not mix religion and politics in their day to day activities, regardless how true this slogan is if one believes the Heaven and Hell crap.

Keep it 'tween the ditches .................................................



oh my fucking Goddess..

Ol'Buzzard said...

Would you want to spend eternity with the idiot that wrote that add?
Makes hell sound pretty good/
the Ol'Buzzard

MRMacrum said...

JACKIESUE - I couldn't say it any better.

Ol'Buzzard - I imagine Heaven as a place where the Trump mentality reign's supreme. Of course, that is only the days I think Heaven may actually exist.

PipeTobacco said...


I am very glad that store is receiving a lot of flack for that ad. It is obnoxious of them to BELIEVE that let alone publish it.

I was surprised to read the brownie post.... I had always imagined that smoking would be the best way to obtain a strong effect! When I eventually get a chance to finally try said myself, I still plan on trying it via smoking just because even if it is not the most intensive way, it seems more fun. :)


jono said...

It sure raised a shitstorm, dinnit?

MRMacrum said...

Pipe - Smoking doob makes it easier to regulate and stop before the high becomes too intense. Especially a good way to introduce oneslef to it. Eating itcan be mellow but once eaten, you have to deal whatever happens. Back in the days of discovery, I lost over 36 hours once the first time I ate it. Now that I have quite a bit more experience with the edible, I can and have been able to suggest good dosages for the non user. That is I can with my recipe.

Jono - It sure did raise a shit storm.

The Blog Fodder said...

What bullshit. If people like that go to heaven, they need to work on their marketing. The xenophobes and racists will never understand that you can cross the border anywhere as long as you check in with authorities shortly thereafter. the 'caravans' are trying to cross at recognized border crossings. Canada has the same problem with bigots and racists