Thursday, November 24, 2016

Alice's Restaurant

So BA and I headed over to Brendan and Susan's place today for another annual Thanksgiving feast to beat all others ever celebrated in the known Universe.

The turkey was perfect.  The beer was plentiful and cold.  All the normal trimmings one could hope for were in attendance, with more dessert choices than this man could even hope to best.

A big fat doober before and one or two after our sumptious repast, and now at this moment I can barely move.  Just sitting up is painful. ........................ Lord, please put me out of my misery.

Breaking bread with folks from a few of the many New England corners has become a comfortable and expected high light of our holiday season.

No matter what madness exists in my recent past.  No matter what madness may lurk in my upcoming future.  No matter what might come down, go down, this night I sit here thankful for the company of fine folks from away.  Sharing polite conversation, everyone carefully avoiding the trap of politics and turkey.  A raunchy joke or two resulting in loud and  for some, guilty laughter.  Not me.

Today was for celebrating Life and the enjoyment of another person's company.

I sit here fat and happy ................ with refrains of Alice's Restaurant running through my brain.

Hope your Thanksgiving was everything you hoped for.

Later ..............................................


Ol'Buzzard said...

My wife and I only have each other and she prepared a wonderful meal: chicken, mashed potatoes, cornbread dressing, maple butternut squash and of course cranberry sauce. We opened a bottle of Beaujolais. Later on we had pumpkin pie with whipped cream. The closeness and intimacy of just the two of us is what we enjoy.
This can be a special time to be with the people or person you love.
best wishes
the Ol'Buzzard

BBC said...


PipeTobacco said...

Mike, I am glad for you having had a very nice time! Does the cycle shop shut down this time of year or do you get off-season business too?

PipeTobacco said...

Mile: post something! We miss you!

PipeTobacco said...

Mike: Please come back.