Monday, November 19, 2012

Monday Morning

Monday morning.  A few lines from a  Mamas and Papas tune flit through my mind.  For a moment  I am reliving my teen years when it seemed then the world had gone mad.  Little did I know at the time the world was not going to improve much. The Vietnam War was just firing on all cylinders.  Hippies from all the lower 48 had converged on San Francisco or DC  to be part of the happenings on either coast and change the World through Peace, Love, and really really bad clothing choices, Bell Bottoms.  The uptight establishment was horrified.  Dirty filthy hippies they said , make love like barnyard animals, they're a pox and God will smite them down.  These young people so full of hope for a peaceful tomorrow were positive Mom and Dad had their heads up their uptight asses and the generation war opened a new chapter.

The dirty hippies who did not die from making love like barnyard animals or ingesting really bad Acid man, don't eat the purple microdot, it has strychnine in it, but brother those orange barrels will send you away and you'll never come back, and hey man, know where I can score some doob, wink wink.  The Hippies got tired of their barnyard antics and slowly were sucked up and into the culture they claimed they hated.  They cut their hair, took a bath, got a job, and before they knew it they were sitting on the couch with their belt unbuckled and that top pants button undone.  With a beer in hand and their belly draped over their sacks they tried to watch the ball game in peace.  Instead they began yelling at their damn kids to "Quiet down gaddammit and ferchrisakes take it outside".  Dad works hard, and all he's got is Sunday watching his game or another race around the track with Dale Earnhardt, a real patriot.  And suddenly without much fuss and very little muss the Hippies had lost their battle and their dream.  They had become their parents.

But you know it's hard to keep that hope for a brighter future burning when your shoulders are bearing mortgages, a job you hate, kids to trip over, and neighbors that keep you up at night.  It's hard to keep flames alive when just finding the matches is about all you can do.  You know now sitting there in your mid forties, Life does not change.  You are born, you fornicate, and then you die.  You realize your parents were right, they had this life pegged.  It is better to live angry than to follow a dream.

 Afterword of sorts  -  I started this post with two words - Monday Morning.  With nothing else to go on, what I just wrote was the result.  I am often surprised with what I manage to dredge up from the cranial cesspool.

Keep it 'tween the ditches....................

The tune that floated through my mind


Tom Harper said...

Ah, the memories. Everything seemed so radical and cutting-edge at the time. Now in retrospect it looks quaint and campy more than anything else, like film clips from the 1920s where everyone is drinking from a hip flask and dancing the Charleston.

Mr. Charleston said...

The line that my mind conjures up is from Jimmy Buffett... we are the people, our parents warned us about.

BBC said...

I didn't do the hippie and drug thing, I was pretty square (some would say) through the 60's and 70's. Other than drinking, I've always liked my beer.

I don't like what America is now but I can't change it so fuck it, I'll just kick back and ease along the best I can.

Kulkuri said...

The ironic thing is that the establishment is still fighting the "Dirty Fucking Hippies" even tho they have been assimilated into the establishment!! The few hippies that are left are considered oddballs and as they aren't hurting anybody or anything, they are left alone.

I wasn't a hippie even tho I agreed with some of their ideas. I was in the military and the short hair was a dead giveaway, so I wouldn't fit in. Another reason IMHO is it seemed like most of the hippies were rich kids pretending to be poor and I already knew how to be poor!!

MRMacrum said...

Tom Harper - Yeah the good ole days when I was happy as if I had a brain.

Mr. Charleston - There is nothing new under the Sun is what my mom always said. Apparently she was right.

BBC - Guess you are going to have to read my response in my next post.

Kulkiri - The ideals the Free Love generation forced into the American culture were instrumental in making changes that had to be made. Civil Rights, women's rights, end the draft, gay rights to name a few. My disappointment is that the people of my generation and yours did not carry through. They became their parents. Let's just say I am not very proud of my fellow Boomers at this point in time.