Friday, February 24, 2012

No Guilt.....Well Not Enough for Me to Not Do It

"Yeah Keith, you are absolutely correct.  I oughta give myself a new bike for my 60th birthday.  Ain't had a brand new complete bike built from the ground up in more than a few years.  Think the last one was my 'Ted', almost 20 years ago."

And so the seed was planted.  A small part of a casual conversation about bikes, riding, and when will the ice and snow be completely gone in the woods............. If anyone asks, I'll swear it was Keith's fault.

Driving home, I thought about it.  "Nah, can't do it.  If I build up a new bike for myself, the next one is going to be no holds barred, high end bling hanging all over it, be a sin to ride cuz it will be just too damn purty, but I would , will, most definitely ding it as soon as I can cuz that's what nice bikes are for - testing their mettle and mine."

I did my best to forget it.  A new bike would not make me a better rider.  That would take a new body.  All of my hinges and fasteners that keep me in one piece are acting like parts on an old bike.  Creaking and squeaking just like the bikes I have been repairing these past 20 years.  Yeah, it would be some silly to park my sad sorry old butt on some high end scoot.  But being silly never stopped me before.  Besides, I'm just dreaming here.......right?

I began to fantasize.  Unlike the few times I bought a lottery ticket, this fantasy was possible.  I built the bike up in my mind.  Picking parts, colors, schemes, and building a vision of what the next perfect ride for me would be.  I spared no expense while I visited that fantasy bike shop lodged somewhere deep in my mind.  "I'll take that frame in small or maybe medium and look there those parts are some sweet, uh oh, look at that brake rotor, lazer cut with skulls and cross bones.  Gee whiz fellas, you got everything in this bike shop.  How's a guy to make up his mind?"

Must of mind-built 5 or 6 different rides over the course of  the next week or two.  Each one more out of the realm we call Reality than the one before.  Finally I settled on two things.  The bike had to be red and it had to be dual suspension.  I had a wonderful hard-tail now and knew I could, no would not replace it.  So at the top is a picture of my new frame just out of the box.  It is more bike than I need, but I don't care.  Sometimes I just have to do something wacky......because I can.


If you would like to view some wonderful examples of function disguised as art, check out the Niner Site.



my friend leo names his need to name your bikes.

Randal Graves said...

Have you considered a WD-40 IV?

Demeur said...

I'm surprised you didn't do this years ago. It's not like you're the shoe makers kids with no shoes.

Here's a thought. As the populace is aging a design for those of us who will have to park our cars when gas hits $5+ a gallon. It might look a little nerdy but in these times nerds seem to win.

Mr. Charleston said...

That don't look like any bike I know of. Certainly not a beach cruiser.

The Blog Fodder said...

If the cycle shop owner cannot afford the top of the line, who can? Looks awesome.

BBC said...

Bought my old three speed over 20 years ago, still good with that.

Anonymous said...

The RIP9 is VERY pretty :) Maybe someday when I am not a poor student/atheltic trainer I can get a matching one (in XS of course)