Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Fundamentally, Things Remain the Same

"We need fundamental change."

So says Newt.  That begs the question, why is he running then?  While I could not agree with him more about the change, how can he possibly think any fundamental change will evolve out of the leadership of the  Right?  Or from the honchos on the Left for that matter?

I thought about what kind of "fundamental change" Newt might be referring to.   I am positive that he and I would disagree on the fundamentals.  The only fundamental change I see being offered up from the Right is beating Obama.  Other than that, they do not care to change anything fundamentally.  I see failed policies from the Bush years coming back gussied up with new titles.  Feed the rich and starve the poor and somehow everyone is happier as a result.

And then I hear Obama say, "I deserve to be president.  I am not done yet." .............. Hmm.  Deserve?  Not done yet?   I keep hoping you will begin to be President, never mind not being done.  But don't worry, by default you will get my vote.  Maybe in your second term with nothing to lose, you might grow a pair.

As the last true believer still standing, Santorum is trying to pull the religious heart strings by attacking the faithless people and institutions that are subverting the American way and turning us into a nation of atheists.  We all know how I feel about this so I won't get on my high horse.  Let me just say that religion should not be part of politics.  That is one fundamental change I would love to see.

I notice Romney is finally acting like he has a lock on the nomination and now goes after Obama more often than his Republican opponents.  You can almost see the final sifting process as the Republican sand in the their hourglass drains down to those last bits of sand.  Ron Paul looks to be waiting for a chance to bail while still looking like he is a viable front runner.  My hopes fade that he will split off as an independent and split the Republican vote in the Fall.  But that's the way of the modern day Libertarian.  When the tough gets going, fall back into line.

Which brings me to some fundamental changes I would like to see.

~ Limit the term of President to one 6 year term.  He already wastes at least two years of his first term trying to get elected that second time.

~ Increase the terms of the House from 2 years to 4 years.  Currently, from the very first day they are elected, they begin running for reelection.

~ Campaign Finance Reform - Limit donations from any person or entity to a fixed amount.  One donation only.  It should not take a billion dollars to elect anyone.

~ Get rid of the national anthem and replace it with "America the Beautiful'.  Not only is it a much better song, most folks can actully sing it in key.

~ Get rid of the Pledge of Allegiance altogether.  Nuff said.  A pledge is not going to make anyone love their country.  You either love it or you don't.

~ Let the states resolve their own social issues.  Gay rights, Abortion, Creationism all should be dealt with at the state level first before acting on them Federally.

~ For every new law passed, two old ones have to be removed from the books.  We are way over legislated.  We don't need so many conflicting and arbitrary rules to live as decent human beings.

That's all I got today.  I am sure there are more fundamental notions floating around the Sargasso sea that sloshes around in my mind.

Keep it 'tween the ditches..................................

Cartoon by Joe Heller, poached from Don in Massachusetts


Demeur said...

Definitely like your last one there. We have so many laws that it's almost impossible to follow them all. Maybe a decree of common sense is in order. Yes what ever happened to common sense anyway? Where'd it go the last 20 years?

BBC said...

Feel free to vote for the bullshitter of your choice.

Mr. Charleston said...

Get rid of both the national anthem and the pledge before every frigging sporting event!

Randal Graves said...

This should be the national anthem.

As for the rest, unless humanity as a whole decides to stop being a collective douchebag, bonne chance.


they care about their pocket book..that's all.

The Blog Fodder said...

I keep hoping you will begin to be President - my sentiments exactly. the world is still waiting for the promise of an Obama presidency to be fulfilled.

I like suggestions for reform 1,2,3 and 7. Can't really comment on the others.


I'm so pissed with the running government and the people running for office I dont' know if I should spit or go blind.