Saturday, July 03, 2010

Another Manic Moment

Don't come round here no more. Hey!

2:10 AM, Friday night, or rather real, real, real, early Saturday morning - Just got home from the Bike shop. I was home earlier - actually early evening yesterday. Left the shop at 7:00 PM, went home, feasted on my wife's signature fish dish, fresh asparagus, fresh corn, and to top it off, some fresh blueberry concoction pleasured my tongue with Maine grown sweetness. No sugar added, just the blueberries. Wow.

Instead of settling back and putting my feet up, I headed back to the bike shop. Folks heading out tomorrow for some serious July 4th recreating needed their rides. Overhauled a shock, finished re-spoking a wheel, and tuned up two used bikes I sold earlier.

And now it's 2:10 AM. I am just beginning to regret that 22 oz. ice coffee I fixed up before I headed back to the bike shop. Eyes open. Brain spinning. Seems I am hard into another manic moment.

And supposedly I am to show up back at the bike shop for an 8:00 AM bike ride. Made the plan before this hyper active over-reactive slice of Time came by. As bright as my candle is burning right now, it's even odds I will be comatose come time to saddle up.

Biting off more than one can chew may be cause for embarrassment at times. And though overfilling one's plate with more moments than one can consume, we often cannot help ourselves when faced with so much of Life to pick from. Making promises feels good. Following through feels better.

Where's my shot glass................


Demeur said...

Time for the super vitamins? Mind writing checks that the body can't cash? I can relate to that.

David Barber said...

Once you're on the bike you'll get your second wind mate.

Happy 4th July for tomorrow!!

sunshine said...

Hope that you have fun on your ride!
Enjoy yourself and have a wonderful weekend!
(wife's dinner sounds MOST excellent!)


PENolan said...

Hope you had that blueberry dessert for breakfast. It'll fix you right up.

susan said...

Even if the activity levels are overwhelming sometimes at least you can remind yourself of the pleasures to be had from a self-directed life. The picture of you is a good one. Enjoy the Fourth :-)

AirmanMom said...

Oh's 6pm(et) and hopefully your day was a good one!
Wish you a Happy and Safe 4th.
Enjoy your freedoms, just don't forget our soldiers!

Randal Graves said...

Tired or not, holiday extras or not, here's hoping you've got plenty of bikes to fix.