Thursday, May 13, 2010

Just Like James Bond

Okay. I am again truly impressed with what some folks have created because of the Internets. Just when I thought the World Wild Web was turning into a multi media ho hummer destined to become just another mass communication device exploited by greedy people, I run into an example of why the Internet will most likely never become 100% commercial.

My recent reminder of how powerful this medium is started with my question of yesterday regarding the name of the two plants growing roadside in my front dooryard.

Not happy with just asking faceless strangers from across the globe, I also asked my landscaper neighbor. Immediately he knew what they were.

Korean Spice Viburnum ‘Aurora’ is apparently what they are. My landscaping neighbor was right, even if his spelling was off. It was close enough for Google to make assumptions and then ask, "Did you mean........"

Well I guess I did really mean that. The one picture in bright light without snow came from a site in Missouri. The top image is here after a Spring snow squall last month. And the one below I snapped a day or so ago as the flowers entered their last gasp for the season.

Okay, so I learned the name of a plant that has been growing out front on Sam Page Road for the last50 years or so. Certainly not anything of serious interest outside the confines of my own mind. But as I searched for the name and other juicy tidbits on it, I found a gardening forum. Dave's Garden has over 234,000 images of plants and other garden oriented images. And apparently there is a forum for any subject that may even somewhat pertain to planting stuff in the ground.

I guess it makes sense though. Anything people are passionate about has created millions and jillions of conversations and inquiries over these early years as the World becomes truly connected. It is only natural for the anal retentive and the organized among us to collate, segregate, aggregate, and assimilate the inquiries and conversations into convenient lump sums for like minded people to congregate around. Networks pertaining to minute and specific interests spread across the planet and suddenly there is more information on the thread pitch of a class 8 bolt than any one human could know on their own.

I am reminded of the first trip one Mainer took in 1986 with me as co-driver delivering Burger King Buns to NYC from the bakery in Lewiston-Auburn, Maine. This driver had learned the trucking trade hauling logs and chips. Never been South of Portland in his 25 years on the Planet. We hit the Industrial park areas outside of Hartford, Connecticut. Modern glass and steel buildings everywhere. My Co-driver bumpkin in the buddy seat looked at all the steel and glass whizzing by on I-84 and said, "Wow, this is just like James Bond."



AirmanMom said...

I work in a garden center and we often use Dave's Garden as a reference guide...amazing!
Love the photos!

Kulkuri said...

The intratubes have a lot of information, some good and accurate and some is pure bullshit. Problem is knowing the difference.

Did your question give you an idea how wide-reaching your blog is???

The Blog Fodder said...

That Dave's Garden website is awesome. Now I can learn about what ever plant Tanya is putting in the ground this time. thanks.

Anonymous said...

That's not some koreanwhatchacallit .... it's the Actonia Honey Bush native to ya own area habitat, Crummy.


Randal Graves said...

The tubes are great, until they get clogged with stuff and you find out banging on the desk while shouting "no!" has zero effect.

Middle Ditch said...

What a coincidence this is. I have just come indoors from my garden to sort out the wilderness and see those gorgeous pictures. Might just go for it.

Oh, and about the Internet? People look down on their noses when they are told my radio serial is on the net and not on terrestrial radio. Critters.

BBC said...

I plant seeds and at times piss on them to fertilize them. Ya gotten get tough or die around here, it's not like the universe cares if you live or not.