Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Hooters on Parade

The real part of Life has reared it's ugly head again. Bike shop madness and warm enough weather to be outside in shorts has my attention now. A re-roofing project in between work, riding, and well whatever else I can manage to cram into my days looks to be the normal existence for me in the foreseeable future. Anyway, I dropped the blogging ball and it looks like it is going to be another shaky period of erratic appearances.

Other than offering excuses for my slacker-ness, I did have some fun news to impart to any of you who enjoy the idea of topless women. About half of you have probably dropped interest at this point, but I am sure the guys are at least still paying attention.

On April 3rd, dozens of women and many men staged a parade in Tommy's Park in Portland, Maine. It appears there are some folks in our state who feel Society's double standard regarding male and female nudity is an important enough of an issue to stage a protest. A topless protest. A Hooter Parade.

I dunno, Early April seems a tad early to be thinking of baring one's boobs in Maine. But they lucked out. It was unseasonably warm on Saturday. Not an erect nipple in sight I guess.

This protest would have impressed me more if these angry citizens had been really exercising their right to be civilly disobedient. But alas, their bare boobs were legal. There is no state law against women going topless in Maine. Although I wonder if there shouldn't be one for some of the men.

All this begs the question or is it questions? Did Maine lawmakers screw up when they missed this obvious chance to legislate morality? Or do we have sensible legislators who know that Maine's climate and voracious insect population will keep the topless madness to a minimum? Or is that they just don't see the sense in passing a law about something that should be handled locally? I know Acton would and maybe does have a no loose boobs rule. Hell, not too long ago lips were flapping over the hot dog lady who hung out at the foot of Mousam Lake selling hotdogs while wearing a very modest bikini.

Regardless, I love it when people tweak America's uptight Victorian sensibilities. And what is even better is America can still handle this kind of protest. Although I am guessin the same kind of event in Omaha might do more than raise eyebrows.

I think more of the ladies should brave the elements and do the legal thing when the weather is right. For some reason the image of a topless female riding a John Deere lawn tractor puts a smile on my face. I might even slow down and wave.

Topless Parade in Portland Maine from Jared Anderson on Vimeo.


Garnet said...


*rips off sweatshirt*


*puts it back on*

(funny blog, my friend. Nice work)

Randal Graves said...

Now whenever I put on the first TP + the Heartbreakers record, I'm going to think of boobies. Throw in a little Claritin and it's sex, drugs and rock and roll.

Sadly, think of an entire generation of Mainers (Mainians, Maniacs?) warped into criminal debauchery by seeing naked breasts. I hope they don't steal your bikes.

David Barber said...

Some mighty fine tits on parade there, Mike. Not too keen on the big saggy ones at the start though, although, all soaped up they may be good fun. SICK...I know! :-) Not forgot, trying to find half hour with no disturbances. ;-)

Nan said...

I heard about that parade. Having spent some time in Maine, I figured they planned it for early April because it's the brief window of time when they wouldn't either freeze to death or be eaten alive.

Beach Bum said...

I personally want to declare my support for these ladies, especially those ladies with D-cups or bigger, and say I will give them a hand whenever they might need it.

Now coming from a different angle on this subject given the beer gut rednecks down here addicted to eating all their food deep fried I do believe there should be a FEDERAL law requiring man-bras or "bros" as I have heard them called.

While I have suffered somewhat from the onset of middle-age I'll be dammed but sometimes I really want to call a beached whale rescue team seeing some of the guys lying in the shallow water close to shore.

BBC said...

Nice to know that all women are not prudes.

Go girls...

Yea team....

Rah rah rah

Demeur said...

New law: Only the good looking ones can go topless then maybe the flabbies will get in shape.

Reminds me of the Solstice parade here only they go totally naked except body paint.