Thursday, January 21, 2010

I'm here this morning for just a second. Got a major project underway in the belly of the beast that is my house. Then I suppose it will hopefully(my wife's hopes) be right onto another project from the endless list of projects that has cursed me since the day chores I did for allowance money turned into projects I do to save money.

I may post tomorrow. I may post next week. Regardless, I'll be around here and there. And if my mood changes, well.....................


Randal Graves said...

Don't leave yet, I've got a project for you.

You best not skip out on FFF, tell your wife that that is extremely important for posterity and fuzzy little bunnies and bipartisanship.

MRMacrum said...

Oh I plan on continuing to post to the blog and FFF, but only as time allows for a couple of weeks. I am definitely hooked on the FFF thing.

We have an electrical situation spotted by my electrician buddie. Actually he wires submarines. Anyway, he is going to help me straighten out the worst of it this Sunday and hopefully leave me the list to finish out the rest. 55 year old wiring does not like 21st century electricity consumption.

David Barber said...

Mike, what you doing living in a submarine? :-)

Just hit it with a hammer, that usually works.

Get it done quick, my man, as you are required here on this blog...especially for FFF!

sunshine said...

Sheesh! It sounds like they only want you around for FFF Mike! :P
My love for you is truer.

Have fun with those repairs! I hate that kind of stuff. Uggh. We just finished some major stuff in our home about a year ago and I don't want to start anything else anytime soon!

I'll be thinking of you.
I'm hoping to read your stories soon! Everytime I sit down to read someone wants something.... Mass is in school tomorrow so for sure then.


BBC said...

Boy, I made up a long list of things to do when I was camping. Improvements on the camper and things around here also.

Yesterday I put my new wood splitter together and fired it up, boy, it's really cool, I'll do a post on it soon but tomorrow I'm just going to post some camping pictures.

Good luck with the project, maybe it will go fast. Boy, 55 year old wiring is an issue, you should see some of the wiring in Helen's house.

There is only one good wire and receptacle in her place, that I installed for her, it's the only one she uses. Her panel is still an old one that takes the screw in fuses.

When I gutted my place out I put in all new wiring but this is a small place and it was a simple job I was able to do myself.

Well, I installed the new 200 amp service panel also and got it passed on the second inspection.

The PUD just had to run their wires to it from the street being as there wasn't any electricity on this property when I got it.

The whole job including the new panel cost me less than a thousand bucks doing all the work myself. It sure is handy being a handyman.

Like David said, just hit it with a hammer, if that doesn't work use a bigger hammer.

If it don't fit, force it, if it breaks it needed replacing anyway, ha ha ha ha

BBC said...

I recall being in the attic of an old home for some reason many years ago and the wiring up there was actually bare wires strung along on porcelain insulators.

Middle Ditch said...

Good luck with all those projects

BBC said...


Beach Bum said...

55 year old wiring

Crap! I know its not the same thing but had to work on a twenty year old circuit board once deep down in the middle of an cabinet holding a transformer for an x-ray machine and the insulation on the wiring fell off if I even brushed against.

Sucked to be me that day.