Friday, August 29, 2008

100 words on Evolution

"Mother Nature"

Regaining control of the ship as it cleared the black nothing of the hole wasted precious minutes before she could take her bearings. Sirens screamed, informing Star Traveler she had only 20 hours of air left to find it.

Yes! She had done it! Found a system with a G2 sun. She knew what to do. There, the blue one. The third planet. She changed her heading.

The broken ship melted into the emerging ice cap. Star Traveler opened her veins and let her blood drain onto the ice. “How will we turn out this time?” She closed her eyes.

Another entry in Velvet Verbosity's "100 words" contest. I do not even care how I do. This is so much fun. Trying to tell a story or make a point in 100 words. It definitely goes against my normal way of putting pen to paper. Instead of my usual rambling long way around, the 100 word limit makes me get to my point quickly and without the clutter that usually clogs my posts. Maybe I will learn some discipline from exercises like this.

This time I will get it in on time. I was allowed to enter the "faster" one. I am guessing it was a sympathy thing because I'm the dufus new guy. Anyway, again, who cares? This 100 word gig is way cool. I may just make it a once a week thing.


BBC said...

You have time for stories? I have little time for the truth, as I know it.

I take it you forgot about the hernia.

No, but I'm not going to sit on my butt until it is fixed. I devised a support and will keep chugging along, just not doing any heavy work until after it gets fixed.

Velvet Verbosity said...

Clever. Wouldn't it be something if we were the product of a dying species who had screwed up their own planet so badly they had to find a new one. Hmmmm, wonder how many times we'll end up repeating that cycle?

Patsy said...

I enjoyed you story. As VV said, clever. I also read what you wrote in your post to her. I too feel intimidated by what the other write (and the includes you), but I keep typing away in hopes that I can improve and maybe even feel some sense of accomplishment. I don't think you were let in on sympathy, I think it was because of talent. :)

coffeeconcentrate said...

Okay, frankly, I'm not intimidated by what others write. Before you think that means I'm smug and full of self-importance---I look forward to seeing what amazing creations everyone else comes up with. And I work dang hard to get my own particular entries just right. Heck, that story I entered in a writing contest (online) last week??? I could STILL edit that one! Again. It's just too late. No, I'm more intimidated by the possibility that someone will look at my entries and go "you wrote that garbage? You really should have the moniker 'writer' taken away for that one." Irrational fear? Maybe, but who's to say someone hasn't looked at my work and said that to themselves? They were just kind enough not to say anything!

I'm amazed every time I sit down to write one of these things and the same characters keep popping up. Maybe one thing I'm intimidated by is the possibility that I won't see them in another piece! :-| I kinda wonder if my entry for Evolution wasn't a stretch. (But it's not something I said "hey, I should try this." I really feel the idea came organically. It could just use some more editing. It really isn't as polished as the others have been. But who's to say?...)

Anyhow....before I went on that whole tangent, I was going to mention that your piece ties in wonderfully with what I'm reading right now. I'm working on Children of the Mind by Orson Scott Card. Pick him up if you haven't already. Start with Ender's Game and read that whole saga. It's amazing, I love his work. I can't wait to read more about Ender Wiggin's family!!! :-D He's the guy that wrote the book that became The Abyss (and probably the screenplay too, though I can't find that! :-S).

Velvet Verbosity said...

Whoa, I'm confused. Coffeeconcentrate, I don't think I saw your submission for Evolution. Did I miss you somehow?

Also, I don't want anyone to feel intimidated by the 100 Words project. A long time ago I decided that whatever "art" I wanted to pursue, I would do for myself. My hope is that y'all are doing this because you want to/like to and that it's an interesting challenge!


Melissa said...


And this is a fun challenge. It makes me think. :)

And I like your goal of putting one foot in front of the other without falling down. Some days that is a lofty goal for me.