Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Hmm. Another challenge. Another blogging contest. The winner gets bragging rights and feels good for a moment or two. Velvet Verbosity runs the contest. It is simply called "100 Words". 100 words on a subject picked weekly by the host. This week it is "Faster". Here goes.

"Who do you think is faster?"

Said Slug to Caterpillar as he scurried past.

"Why me of course", Caterpillar said. "I have many legs, you have none."

"Is it so important to be fast", Slug wondered. "Think of all you miss moving at such break neck speeds."

Caterpillar turned, twitched his antenna in that condescending caterpillar way and huffed, "Anything I do not see cannot be worth seeing. So why slow down?"

Caterpillar picked up the pace just as Slug shouted out, "Well slowing down can be a lifesaver." And Caterpillar was lost under the heel of a passing boot.

In Passing

It appears I was too late to submit this for consideration. Reading rules and instructions has never been my strong suit. But after spending more than what some folks would consider a sane amount of time on it, I am damn well going to post it here anyway. Damn rules. It was a tough one.


Gary ("Old Dude") said...

a most notable attempt it twas too. I would have to assume it would have been a contender. thanks for sharing it with us.

BBC said...

There are advantages to a parlimentary system. One being leadership stays in place until things go downhill.

They were doing okay in England it seems, until Mr. I'm Fucking Stupid George Bush fucked up Blair's head.

Patsy said...

I enjoyed you story, ending and all. I'm glad you joined in. Try again when we find out what out next word will be --- whatever it is it is always a challenge. :)

Velvet Verbosity said...

Dude! Thanks for joining the 100 Word Challenge. My rules are...shall we say, a little loose. I'm a single mom, working full-time, yada yada, so I am hardly ever on time myself.

I linked to your story!

LceeL said...

I like your story. As far as the rules are concerned - originally, Velvet would put the challenge up on Tuesday and the response was to be in place by Midnight Thursday. Originally. She's had some scheduling issues lately - so now, the cutoff is SUPPOSED to be Midnight, Sunday.

Ashlie- MommyCosm said...

That was a good one!

You should write a twisted children's book...and the moral of the story is...

I'm fairly new to the 100 Words as well. Welcome.

Sassy Mama Bear said...

welcome to 100 words, what a great first entry.

Allison said...

Hun, with my having to get back into the swing of things myself around here (we got back from a 3 week trip West last Saturday), I've missed posting a few. And some got worked on hard...I just posted to a contest this week, you'd better believe I kept editing that (then letting it simmer, then editing it again, then looking it over, then letting it simmer, then...you get the idea. That's what the 3 weeks were good for, keep my mind off of just the story. And I posted it nearly a week before I thought I was going to. Oh the nerves! I could probably edit it again...). That's all part of how you identify a real writer! :-D

Nice story, spot on (that guy's boot)!