Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I had a post almost done. Wrapped up with a spiffy kodak moment I took longer to find than write the post. This latest entry would fill us all in, me included, about the last 5 days I just survived lost in a flu inspired stupor. I had begun the recap in an attempt to unravel the sequence of events that started so innocently on Friday night with a scratchy throat. Then losing touch with reality for a few days and finally yesterday about 3:00 PM sitting in the Doc's office, waking up to the reality of post flu withdrawal and how much it always sucked.

Yeah, all I really had to do was punch the "Publish Post" and it was a done deal. As I am always concerned about typos and other such grammar madness, I decided to hit the head, come back and give it one more read through before I posted.

Well, the TV was on when I went by. I hesitated long enough to get sucked into another whacked "South Park" episode. I am not a diehard fan. But it has often made my sides hurt. Their nothing is sacred, everything can be funny take on the World we live in can be hilarious.

Tonight's episode was called "Kenny and the Hot Chick" I think. In a nutshell, the boys are in class with Mr Mackey and out of the blue, he informs them that male cat spray can get them high. So of course they head home, grab a cat, and make Kenny take a face full. Kenny starts trippin in a flying convertible driven by a hot chick sporting huge ta-tas. He wakes up downtown with his britches at half mast and Cartman and Kyle looking concerned and shaking him.

This is the beginning of a new drug craze in South Park. The kids call it "cheesin". Parents all over become alarmed and demand something be done. So they outlaw cats and begin rounding them up. Being caught with a cat can turn into serious jail time.

The episode then turns into a satiric look at the hypocritical attitudes adults seem to develop regarding drugs. Meanwhile, Cartman becomes a kind of Fat boy Schindler as he tries to save cats from being purged from South Park. People sneak their cats to him rather than turn them in. He fills his attic with them. And Kenny, well, he becomes a hopeless addict who lives to huff cat piss.

It all ends well of course, The adults finally wise up and realize that it is not the cats, but the user/abusers. They will never be able to rid their world of cats. The solution has to come from working on the addiction of the users. Kyle's dad points out that he had not huffed any cat piss for over ten years until they made it illegal. The cats are returned to their owners and the law is repealed.

I do wish I had not stopped to watch it though. After 5 days of coughing, my ribs are some tender. The laughter I tried to stifle to not make my ribs scream, made me cough again and well, full recovery is not as near as I had hoped. Damn it was funny.

My wife does not understand my fascination with "South Park". I don't understand her fascination with "Law & Order".


Anonymous said...

Swiftian subversive stuff for sure in almost every episode .... make sure you wipe clean your dvr/computer hard drives after watching.

- PJ

Anonymous said...

I'm not a huge fan of South Park, but I can recite lines of dialogue from Family Guy. I'm going to hell...but at least I'll have lots of company. ;)

A Midnight Rider said...

If you were to ever visit my street you would realize why I have no need to watch things like South Park etc. We have "the drug house", the "disfunctional family", glen's garage, the messiers. (I'm messy but Brian is a "Messier".

All I need to do to get some great entertainment is walk the dogs.