Sunday, December 23, 2007

Insominiacs Rule While Others Peacefully Drool

On 4 hours of sleep I awoke jazzed and pumped. Physically exhausted with a mind that could not rachet it back to the slower metabolic rate my body really wanted, needed, probably should have.

Damn I hate this. Used to anyway. Lack of sleep used to bother me tremendously. I would anquish over lost snooze time and then like a dog worrying a bone lay around with eyes wide open staring into the dark. A few years of that and I decided, "What the Hell, get up fool, do something. Don't fight it. Go with the flow."

Okay so now what? The rest of my time zone compadres are fast asleep drooling and dreaming rock hard dreams of Dallas cheerleaders and whipped cream. Me, well, I must have other things to do. Maybe a few more hours of the Food channel will jog my memory of things needing my attention. Or it will bore me to sleep. Either way works. Just hope it doesn't end up being time wasted with remote in hand, my eyes out of focus as I struggle to follow Chef Dave as he proves to me there is indeed another way to serve scallops. That squirt of green goo and a fancy sliced carrot really tops it off. Nice touch there Chef Dave. You are the man.

On recent trips through no sleep land, I have taken to domestic drudgery to calm my frantically paced mental state. Mindless chores that make little noise but will offer pleasant suprises to my signifigant other. So far no comment from her on this. But I know she has noticed. She misses nothing.

I have on occaision torn into some major project or continued one in process. I will push myself until I begin staggering and can't keep my eyes focused on the same line. I will circumnavigate myself past sanity into some semi dream state so that when I do wake up, I find my efforts ran counter to what had been originally planned. But often it works out. Bout half the time anyway.

So here I sit awake but not aware. I flip through 400 cable channels hoping to find some inspiration. I pick up a book I know will normally cause my eyes to automatically shut down. Instead all I do is whine to myself how much that book sucks and my mind will not let go. Oh well, sleep is way over rated. Let's check out the Discovery Channel. Maybe they have some monkeys humping or Rhinos in brutish embrace.


Noah said...

I'm not certain that I'm a real insomniac so much as I seem to need a lot less sleep than most. While my cats happily snooze as many as twenty-two hours of every day, I often find myself operating just fine on as little as three or four.

I always have projects in progress. I write content for 5 different blogs and websites as well as being more than casually active on 3 or 4 different forums. It's quite simple for me to find something to do to occupy my lucid mind without afflicting my haggard carcass.

MRMacrum said...

I used to be able to stay awake when I wanted or needed to. I also used to be able to summon sleep at the drop of a hat. Drive a truck for 17 years over the road and you develope these skills. It has only been in the last 3 or 4 years that I have noticed I am beginning to have trouble sleeping. Once taken for granted, I now respect the ability to actually catch sleep with some REM in it.