Thursday, November 30, 2006

Down-right Ugly

This recent Richards ( Kramer) dust up over his racist outburst at some comedy club has certainly been blown out of proportion. He got out of control and used some racist language aimed at some folks of another race. Ok fine. He later attempted a piss poor apology on the David Letterman show. Not good enough. So the Rev Jesse Jackson, who is never one to turn away from any spotlight, corrals him for some sit time so Kramer can apologize to every Black in America, the World, and probably the Universe.

Okay, again fine. His comedy career is most likely toast now, but he still groveled and felt bad. Whatever. He deserved it. What a bonehead. The world of comedy will not miss him. He was not and I assume is still not very funny.

What gets me is all the behind the scenes activity to turn this racist outing into a money maker for folks. One interview with a teary-eyed black lady was quite the heart wrenching segment. Apparently this woman was so distressed about hearing the word "nigger", she does not know if she can go on. What really tops it off is she actively sought the uncut video replay on the internet. She has contacted lawyers. Seems she wants to be rewarded for having thin skin. As far as I am concerned she deserved to hear what she was obviously looking for.

Why is it Americans are so quick to seek monetary answers to every little slight or perceived wrong in their lives? Or even ever so ready to take advantage of a situation they were not even involved in? I love this country, but I have to say this particular wart on the character of America is down-right ugly.

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