Sunday, November 26, 2006

As if the World even Cares

I seem to be in a sort of post election funk. In the month run up to the election, I was quite into the grassroot politicking that has become a tradtion on internet forums around the World. With both feet firmly planted on each side of the middle, I lamblasted the worst of either side and loudly declared my independence from both. No issue was spared my opinion. No idiotic response excused without comment. All in an effort to see my wishes come true on election night.

Hmm. Election night seems to have been a tad anti-climatic. The build up has been let down by the reality. The Democrats won. A message was sent to the Republicans. And Bush was spanked good. I ought to be ecstatic. But instead, 3 weeks later, all I am is drained. A new party is in charge, but Life still moves on as predictable and consistent as ever. Nothing changes, just the actors in the scene. New faces spouting the same old rhetoric. Promising change they will most likely not deliver.

So I have taken my leave of the political forums for a moment. Giving the juices a chance to re-hydrate. Hoping a vacation will allow my righteous indignation a chance to build up some steam again. And besides I should really be here emptying my soul in front of the World. A blog being so cathartic and offering another soul out there the chance to identify.

Riiiight. As if the World even cares.