Saturday, March 12, 2005

Determined Mania

Over the last few weeks, I have attempted the incredibly tough task of turning over a new leaf. A confirmed slug who took pride in avoiding chores of any kind, I have begun to open some eyes with my new enthusiam and "git her done" mentality. My wife offered me a cautious compliment yesterday when she come home and found the house vacuumed. Since we have co-habitated for 20 plus years, we both know the fire that burns in my belly for things domestic is often nothing more than a brief gas attack. My usual method is to be crazed for a few weeks and then I burn out and retreat back to the couch. But I know myself well enough to know this time I feel different. I am not so manic. I have been more determined than inspired. Nothing is really being left half done. Well, hope springing eternal and all that, once more, I will go with this flow as long as I can.

An Afterword and a Confession
This entry into my blog is actually a delaying tactic. A backslide of sorts. There is 4 inches of new snow on the ground with up to a couple of feet planned for later. I will admit to being quite fed up with the chore of snow removal. So, I sit here typing away instead of facing up to the task at hand. Oh well, I guess I cannot put it off any longer. See Ya.

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