Friday, October 05, 2018

Nothing to Discuss

In my absence there has been much to discuss, much to consider, and much to just shake my head and walk away from.  I chose walking away. 

There's nothing to discuss really and very little to consider regarding the fools we fools put in charge.  Folks have their minds made up.  I know I sure do. Not much benefit to be had from preaching up my own choir.  We have all settled in around our tribal campfires and are enthusiastically whipping each other up into a lather.

I'm tired of it.  Yet, like an accident I might pass by, I just have to look at the chaos left in its wake.  Not writing I thought would help me rein myself in some.  When agitated as much as I have been over this national clown show, my agitation is all I write about.

Unfortunately, not writing is leaving a hole inside.  Combine this with trying to remain calm in the face of multilateral stupidity and what I am left in is shut down mode.  Shut down mode sucks.

So I leave you with a few words regarding that which I am trying hard to not write about.  Seems I was almost successful. ........ At least I touched base.

Keep it 'tween the ditches ..................................................................


robin andrea said...

I'm in shut down mode too. I've given up. Still running outside to take pictures of the sky, thouch. It's all I've got. Take care.

Ol'Buzzard said...

I'm am pulling for the liberals; but stupidity will win out - it always does.
the Ol'Buzzard