Friday, August 03, 2018


So, I just put a batch of pot brownies on a cooling rack and set it on top of the refrigerator.  This is the third batch I have made since October, 2017 when my wife discovered she had breast cancer.

At first, she was eating only a 10 gram chunk to help her sleep. That first batch lasted her until about six weeks ago.  I made the second batch and then she began Chemotherapy. Chemo has been such a fun time, her brownie consumption has tripled. ........ Yeah, Chemo has been quite a party. ......................... Hmm

It isn't that she has no AMA approved prescriptions to deal with the deep down in her bones pain during those first few days after a session.  Among the countless new bottles of cancer associated drugs she has collected, there is the obligatory to any self respecting collection of man made drugs, a bottle of opiate based pain pills waiting to not curtail the pain, rather just create a "I don't give a shit" attitude.  And you still wake up with severe debilitating constipation.

The bottle sits unopened to this point.  We have decided to attack the pain, sleeplessness, and general bad attitude with Pot.  And so far it seems to be working as well as anything to come out of a lab.  Upping her intake of brownies as needed with a little help from Tylenol seems to have made this journey tolerable for her.

A heated debate from just a few years ago is now beginning to simmer down as Cannabis claims rightful presence in the cornucopia of acceptable white folk medicines.  I hazard a guess that the benefits found once serious eyes hover over serious microscopes will be awesome and cause many tight ass ministers in the AMA some serious embarrassment.  And even though government will never apologize for ruining people's lives for years because of their use of what will turn out to be a major source of j\healing wonders, well, godammit, they should, fuckin assholes.

And yeah, I use anecdotal evidence to support my use of Cannabis.  It isn't second hand evidence. All the evidence I need is what I have personally witnessed after 20 plus years of helping folks score and use pot to help with cancer, Parkinson's, and severe back pain.  The factt that it is a hoot to use is but a side benefit.

Spark one up.  Life is too short to criticize something you might not understand.

Embrace the Doob. ............................................................................


Ol'Buzzard said...

Fortunately my wife did not have to have kemo - She had weeks of radiation and now is on cancer far so good.

I know the stress you are going through. My wife handled it better than I did.
\take care and best to your wife
the Ol'Buzzard

robin andrea said...

My husband can attest to both the medicinal and fun affects of pot. It definitely helped him through his months of chemo in 2010 and many years before that just for the mellow joy of it all. I hope your wife manages these medicinal interventions and all goes well for her.

PipeTobacco said...


I hope your wife continues to benefit from the brownies and that the chemo is over quickly and of course for an excellent outcome as well!

I also hope that you too are feeling stronger and better.

Finally, I am hoping that sometime soon perhaps I too will be able to find out what the FUN side of cannabis is like. I have been waiting to get to visit a free state.


The Blog Fodder said...

Glad to hear that the brownies work for her. You are right, pot controls a multitude of ailments.