Sunday, October 23, 2016

Random Thought About Direction, Time and Space

This Kodak Moment is a shot taken on the board walk trail across a marsh in Sanford, Maine.  It is nestled just south of the decaying remains of the old weaving mills in downtown.  This marsh is part of the Mousam River watershed and back in the day served as a dumping ground for all the nasty chemicals used in the textiles produced there.

This marsh has recovered from the foul place it once was.  And the fact that it is less than a half mile from downtown points up why Sanford and the State of Maine should be proud to have recovered such a wonderful pocket of nature so close to the day to day bustle of a small city in Maine.  Kudos to those folks who engineered this turnabout.

But what got me going over this image is what it represents to me as a symbol in my life.  Is it telling me where I am going?  Or does it remind me of where I have been?  A glance over my shoulder or eyes straight ahead on the look out for what is coming.  Or does it possibly symbolize my current point in time betwix and between my past and my future?

In my current mindset, it is a reminder that no matter how much I think I am meandering through this existence with no plan, the path is actually a straight and somewhat rigid one.  And it is a crap shoot whether I benefit or not when I wander off it.  After all there is a marsh on both sides.

Just something random that came up when I was dumping images off my phone.

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Nasreen Iqbal said...

I'm always impressed when I see examples of how quickly recovers from our best efforts to destroy it.

I hope there are a few curves in my boardwalk.

BBC said...

I haven't been visiting blogs much since getting obsessed with Facefuck, nice picture.

peppylady (Dora) said...

Sure looks like a nice place to take a walk. Anyhow much mosquito in the summer.
Stop in from BBC, and if you find the time stop on in for cup of coffee.

MRMacrum said...

Nasreen Iqbal - I am impressed at the resilence of Nature and deeply saddened when it is forced to recover.

BBC - Yeah, the image was one of the few stand outs from that dump of over 100 images.

peppylady (Dora) - Well, thanks for swinging by. Of course, I will swing by.