Saturday, July 09, 2016

All Lives Matter

Two more black citizens lose their lives and the fermenting anger locked in our country's soul rises to the surface.  Protests nationwide, while physically peaceful, do not adequately relay the deep seeded fear and mistrust that divides White America from the rest.  Suddenly gun fire erupts in Dallas filling in the clueless White population how much anger and fear really exists in Black America.

White citizens sitting in comfortable chairs in comfortable homes watch on TV, the two Black citizens in their last moments on the planet.  "Oh that is just so sad," or words to that effect.  And then they eat breakfast in their comfortable kitchens, get in their comfortable cars and head out to their comfortable jobs.

Underestimating, or rather totally oblivious of the depth of despair and anger felt by the folks of other colors and ethnic origins, the comfortable White citizens are horrified when five of their own race and protectors of the common good are gunned down by sniper bullets.

"My God, what did they do to deserve being shot in the back?" Hands begin wringing, White anger builds and before anyone can get a handle on it, the powder keg is primed and ready to blow.

I witnessed first hand the violence, hate and discontent that gripped our nation back in the 1960's.  While playing a lacrosse game against St Alban's Prep in high school, the all white squads of both teams watched Washington DC burning.  The game went on even as it appeared the city was being destroyed.  White people were clueless then and apparently they still are.

I hate race card issues.  Matter of fact I hate that there is even a word like "race".  All our lives would be so much simpler if both sides could/would drop the term from our lexicon.  The fact that humans come in different hues is such a piss poor reason to hate each other.  Nobody's life is more important than another's.

All lives matter.

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The Blog Fodder said...

Nasreen Iqbal said...

It's been a terrible week. EVen without the events in the US, you have all of the lives lost in terrorist attacks in Saudi Arabia and Turkey and...

It's been a terrible week.

PipeTobacco said...

It is horrible from all perspectives. The profiling of dark skinned people, the shooting of police. It is all a mess. So sad.


black lives matter because for 250 years they havent

Ol'Buzzard said...

There is no quick fix for this. It will take some generations to pass away before attitudes that drive racial inequity can be replaced. The young generation accepts racial diversity but my generation - a generation that lived during segregation - and our children and grandchildren carry on the prejudice - but perhaps each to a lesser extent. It will not be until we are gone that attitudes can move to a racially pluralistic society.
the Ol'Buzzard

MRMacrum said...

Blog Fodder - Thanks for the link

Nasreen Iqbal - Indeed it was a terrible week across the globe. Seems the hate and discontent is evenly spread throughout the planet.

Pipe Tobacco - Sad and unfortunately happening more often.

JACKISUE - Well I figure they matter because they are members of the species. Too many groups back in the day did not matter for me to even consider the past. What is important is what we do now.

Ol'Buzzard - Absolutely. It will take generations to rid our planet of stupid prejudices.