Thursday, September 13, 2012

4:00 A.M - When Wasted Minds Come to Mind

My eyes popped open at 4:00 AM.  As I had crawled into the sack at 9:00 PM  last night, I did not feel cheated or sleep deprived..  Six or more hours of sleep lately is not just a bonus, it often feels like a guilty pleasure.  I frequently harbor pangs of guilt I may have over slept.  Of course waking up at dark thirty in the AM can blunt those pangs and leave me floundering to find something to do until the Sun pops up in a couple of hours.. 

Brewed some coffee.  Puttered here, poked around there until the aroma of fresh coffee drew me back to the kitchen.  Full cup in hand, I contemplated what to do next.  Every project or chore I thought of meant making noise or depended on the light of day to seriously take it on.  There was always the Tube.  The Tube would fill the time until I could think of something.....Hmm .....Nah.  Fuckin TV doesn't just waste time, it wastes minds without the buzz one comes to expect when ingesting stupefying substances.

I could read a book.  Or maybe clean up a cranny or the odd nook..............Nah......  I have plenty of time left in the day to be productive or to expand my mind.  Gettin busy at 4:00 AM goes against my grain.  But I felt I had to do something.  So I dropped in here at "the BoZone".

Now that I am here, I wonder what I should write about.  I told myself I was not going to launch into some rant about the stupid human events that make up the background noise of my existence.  Besides unfolding far away from me and my door yard, the multitude of idiots out there who put their madness into play on the Global stage will follow through no matter what I say.  Humans talk about striving for perfection and happiness.  Their actions all too often  indicate a large portion of us are intent on being unhappy and well short of perfect.

That leaves me with only happy thoughts and conjectures.............Hmm. .......... The first  pleasant thought - 


Chaz has been around for a couple of years at least.  It was only recently he began to swing through my bike shop whenever the doors were propped open.  The little leech has suckered me into supplying him with sweet morsels torn off high end energy bars.  Or he scarfs up the occasional M&M dropped under the candy dispenser near the front door.

A strictly commercial relationship, I supply CHAZ with tasty tidbits and CHAZ makes me smile. 

Keep it 'tween the ditches...........................


Randal Graves said...

Little fuzzy animals are often much nicer than people, and they eat less, too.

BBC said...

he/she is cute, carry on.

okjimm said...

you sure that is only one chipmunk? I mean, it could be a couple of dozen of them and they just take turns. See, I think you should issue them Id's to avoid handout fraud. Something to think about, ya know.

The Blog Fodder said...

My solution to the blues is puppy videos and pictures of cute cats. Chipmunks are awesome.