Friday, March 02, 2012

Another Beacon of Light in the GOP

“Our country is falling apart economically, politically, culturally, militarily,” he said. “We are going down.”

Art Jones or Arthur Jones, the name he preferred back in his younger more passionately fascist days is a Republican candidate for Congress in Illinois' 3rd district.  He is sure the US is in the same state of chaos that Germany found itself following WW I.  As a former member of the Nationalist Socialist Party (NAZI) and an ardent student of Germany, Hitler and all the pomp and circumstance only men in brown shirts and hob nail boots can create, Art is also positive the Holocaust never happened.

How could anyone question this fine man's credentials if Joe the Plumber endorses him?  Joe the Plumber being that fine example of American manhood from  the Joe the Plumber/Obama confrontations way back when Obama was just another Muslim seeking to castrate America's balls by disgracing us as President of the United States of America, the greatest country on Earth or in the Universe for that matter...........Sorry, got a little out of control.  Art has that effect on people who really care about this great nation.

"Philosophically, I'm a National Socialist."

 Well that's just great Art.  It takes special qualifications to be included in that exclusive club the GOP has become.  You should fit right in with the Don't Tread On Me folks, the Save the Baby- Kill a Gay crowd, and being antisemitic will certainly endear you to a select few inside the party hierarchy.  Welcome Aboard!

(The Holocaust) "It's the blackest lie in History."

Uh Art, running today in the Ultra modern, ultra sophisticated 21st Century, there are some flash point issues that are no longer relevant.  You should drop from your quiver of fear propaganda your claim there was no Holocaust.  As a political strategy now days, it is a loser.  It does not matter whether you are right or not.  That issue died with the turn of the century.  Just as calling those dirty Liberals commies is passe, the Holocaust is way too old school for the hipper and slicker GOP of today.  You should be jumping on the Birther bandwagon, or maybe put your substantial influence behind the Obama is a Muslim campaign.  Those claims are more current and sure to nudge a few mouth breathers enough to notice you.

It is the rise of fruit loops like Art that has me seriously concerned about our political future in the next 10 years.  Art is hardly the exception.  The wackos are not only coming out of the woodwork, they now have an audience who listens and does not laugh.  Damn scary if you ask me.

To be fair as I can given my obvious disdain for the Right side at the moment, I googled "Crazy Democrat Candidates"  I was surprised.  None were listed more recently than the last election in 2010.  And that crew was only mildly wacky.  Pretty much run of the mill Democrat wacky.  No one stuck out.

Is this because Left Wing crazy has become mainstream and so common, we do not notice their insidious influence on current events?  If so, then it is no wonder sane and level headed Republican candidates like Art stick out like plaid pants at a Metallica concert.

The new and improved Art Jones has gussied up his image and sanitized his message over the years.  I am guessing this is so he can appeal to a broader base.  The fact that since the early 1970s he has been an enthusiastic member of one white supremacist group or another should tell anyone interested that his goals are the same no matter how he presents himself today.

The man is a poster boy for both what is good in this country and what is bad.  That we tolerate people who harbor the kind of hate he embraces speaks volumes about our tolerance as a nation.  Art Jones is a racist, anti Gay rights, and an anti-Semite who believes the only race worth a shit are white folk.  We should be proud of ourselves that we allow Art the voice to spew his hateful rhetoric.  But we should never elect him to public office.

For your viewing pleasure, I include a video from 1992 of Art being almost polite.

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BBC said...

But business is good, yes?

The Blog Fodder said...

A good prognosticator never puts a prediction and a date in the same paragraph. But I will stick my neck out and say that the election of 2020 will usher in an extreme right wing fascist party "wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross". You almost have all the legislation now for legal control of the total population by the police and military that the KGB/Gestapo only dreamed of. You are hearing in the Rethug debates and from Fox etc the kinds of things that will be forced on the population.

BBC said...

I'll give the right credit for one thing, just when we think they are on the way to being down and out they pop right back up.