Friday, March 04, 2011

Agent X6

Yesterday I hated computers.  Specifically I hated mine.  Even after I paid for the sweat and toil of an expert, what I had returned to me from the Computer hospital were two warriors who were weaker and not up to full speed.  They functioned as if in a fog or maybe more like they limped and gimped as they performed their most routine of duties.   Having suffered wounds so deep, the effect would always be part of what life remained inside their copper wired souls.  But they were back and Life was almost back to normal.

I dealt with their failings as long as they did not affect my day to day business.  But I soon discovered that besides not having a CD/Rom player anymore, my USB magical port of call for data transferred from the outposts to the home base was non functioning.

This was unacceptable.  I could deal with slow.  I could deal with no CDs.  There was already hours of music safely saved within the gulliwots of my hard drive.  But not being able to pass documents back and forth on the magic memory sticks was too much.  I called my local computer whiz kid.  He took control of my ailing friend and the screen went mad.  Windows opened.  Windows closed.  Dark recesses were visited by probing mice.  The computer shut down.  The computer started back up.  More windows, more patrols by the mouse patrol.  And then in the utility manager an unknown agent, a sneaky saboteur, an evil program lurked.  His name - "Agent X6".  And he was up and running amok.

Over the phone which was on speaker, "There he is, the little bastard."  Click and the counter agent mouse clicked Agent X6 off.  "You should be all set now Mike......'Puter might not work like you remember, but it works.  See ya."  And my local whiz kid relinquished control to me again.

And now I sit typing while Neil Young's "Southern Man" blasts through my ear phones and the USB port o call is eagerly accepting new cargo. 

Oh Happy Day...................................


Randal Graves said...

The Russkie spammers are up to their old tricks!

There's a dystopian Cold War redux spy flick in here. You best get cracking on the screenplay.

The Blog Fodder said...

I had to look it up. You running ACER computers? They have Agent X6 problems it said.

BBC said...

I have no idea what Agent X6 is.

When I find the time I'm going to learn how to make car bombs. :-)


my computer is going to drive me to is freezing up on me..firebox won't work 1/2 the time..the monitor is making a whirrrrrrrrrr noise..I need a cookie

susan said...

I'm glad your up and running again even if not entirely up to speed.

Good luck with the eager cyclists. Are they all planning to pedal this way?

Chef Cthulhu said...

I am tired of Agent X6 continually failing to transfer you to the game grid, where you must race light-cycles and duel foes with discs for your very life. I will have to do so myself.

After I deal with X6's soul in a most uncomfortable manner.

MRMacrum said...

Randal - What can I say? Ronnie defeated those commies years ago. Come on dude, get with the program.

Blog Fodder - You did your research. It is indeed a program injected into the operating systems of Acer computers.

BBC - And once more, my blog tickles the flags deep down in the NSA basement.

YellowDog Granny - Driving to drink is fine. It's the trip back that can get tricky.

susan - No. Most of the locals like cucling in circles.

Chef Cthulhu - Be vigilant, evil lurks within.

squatlo said...

One of my wife's best friends is a computer whiz for the local school system, does their IT work for them. I can surf into rocky waters faster than Lindsay Lohan can fall off a wagon, so we've needed her services often. It always amazes me that locked up/frozen pile of task manager snafus and updates and "debugger" issues can be fixed by simply logging on from a remote location and knowing what to do to save the day.
Nothing makes me crazier than computer trouble!