Monday, June 28, 2010


It was not until moments ago I realized I made a fairly serious mistake in the previous post, "The Young Professional". The Macrum side of the family I know very little about. It was my Grandfather's wife who came from the milling family in Pennsylvania. Her maiden name was Roberts. The top image above is a photograph taken in 1948 of the pen and ink drawing a 17 year old relative drew in 1892. The flag at the top indicates the mill was built in 1683. So I guess I can trace at least some of my heritage in this country back to Colonial times.

Below are my great-great grandparents Elisabeth Taylor Roberts and Spenser Roberts.

Surrounded these past 30 years by all this family history, I have taken little notice of it. Yeah Life has had a way of keeping my focus narrowed to the here and now. But you would think that in 30 years, I would have shown more interest than the occasional glance at the serious faces who watched me everyday as I stumbled my way through my days.

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muddleglum said...


I find that the feel of old writing and the feel of today's is as markedly different as the poses. No, it isn't only because of the subject matter or non-use of 'cursing' words. Maybe their sense of humor and 'getting-on' is more to the point.

We seemed to have become lost. Perhaps we could better with steely eyed stares at the camera -- and the future.