Monday, July 20, 2009

I Am Not From South Dakota

I really should be sleeping right now. Maybe I am and I just don't know it and this is all just part of the recurring dream I have been experiencing recently. I seem to be picking up where I left off the night before.

Let's see................In this dream sequence, no matter what foolishness I get myself into, I always seem to end up on the wrong side of the law for one reason or another. The common denominators are legalities, ID cards, always ID cards of some kind whether a passport that makes me a citizen of New Zealand, a Green Card that expired twenty years ago with a picture of me at age 12 on it, or some bizarre drivers license from South Dakota. Each dream has cops, ID issues and incarceration of some kind. Weird. Really weird.

Shit, I don't know, it seems I have some hang ups about ID cards and being a legal citizen. The reality of being born in Colorado never seems to enter the picture. A bizarre mini series I have been experiencing of late while the clowns are down for the night anyway.

I guess I should be grateful to even remember my dreams again. It seems they come when I am getting decent hours of nap time. I do not seem to dream when I am in the grips of insomnia. Any sleep I get then seems to be an illusion I convince myself I experienced. Any dreams, real or imagined, lost in my rush to convince myself I actually closed my eyes for a time. Regardless, the days of mindless sleep are well behind me I guess.

Truth be told, I have enjoyed these recent brushes with real weirdness. This run of similar dreams reminds me of a brief period many years ago when I had dreams of being chased and falling great distances to escape my pursuers. I always landed on my feet no matter what I jumped off or out of. There was a whole slew of these dreams with enough variations in setting, cast and plot so that each one was enjoyable and did not seem redundant. Well except for the falling part and the chasing part. Just when I thought they would last forever, I stopped having them. I figure the same thing will happen with this run. My brain will come to grips with whatever is eating at it and the ID card/incarceration hang up will just disappear.

I thought I had a point to make when I started writing this tonight at dark thirty on Sunday morning about 2:00 AM EST. But now I am not so sure. No. I am sure now I have no point. I just woke up from a bad scene in which I had no answer for why I was traveling alone without an ID. And I figured I would write about it before I laid my head down again. They had just clamped the cuffs on me and tossed me in the back of a horse drawn wagon when my eyes popped open.

Back to Sleep......See Ya............

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Demeur said...

I've never been know for my ability to interpet dreams but I'll give it a crack.
The ID represents who you are of course and most guys id themselves by what they do for a living. So I'd assume that there is quite a bit of uncertainty in terms of the business right now as there is for all of us at present. I think your mind may be asking or questioning who you are at present. It may be saying there are doubts because business has slipped.

The earlier dreams seem to be saying that no matter what comes my way I can handle it and land on my feet.

I used to have dreams of driving great distances (something I actually did) but not knowing where or why I was going. I think I went through the same town late at night several dozen times in my dream. All in an effort to get a grip on the awake world.

Middle Ditch said...

Demeur has said it all.

Randal Graves said...

See what happens when you don't seal the borders? Illegal dreams.

El Cerdo Ignatius said...

I had the strangest dream myself during the night between Friday & Saturday. It's pretty convoluted, so I won't go into it all here. Let's just say my mind mashed a few things up pretty good.

Which is a way of saying I pretty much agree with Demeur, too. The thing of it is, by your own tales told in this space, you've morphed into a different person over the years. We all do that, of course, but given some of the stories you've told about the scrapes you got into in your younger days, part of you is trying to square the circle. Your subconscious may be trying to reconcile the present Crum with the previous one, because deep down, you want to know where it's all going to lead. As Demeur said, having a tough time in business may have part of your mind questioning what you are doing now, and what's going to pass in the future.

And if you don't care for this interpretation, that's okay - it's probably about worth what you paid to read it.

Sleep well, sir.