Sunday, February 10, 2008

A Historical Duo

Forget for a moment the views of the top two Democratic contenders. Set aside for argument's sake any displeasure about what they might have done, what they haven't done, or what they might do. Take a minute and let the bile drain that fills the back of your throat when one or the other opens their trap. No really. Take a moment and do this.
I'll wait ...................................................................................

Okay. Now consider just what these two represent in the historical context of Presidential politics. Both are bonafide contenders, not token gestures and half ass attempts. But real candidates with real machines and real money behind them. One is a woman. One is a Black. That my friends is historic.

These two represent a major swing in American politics. Mainstream America it seems is now ready to deal with one or the other as our Commander in Chief. And rather than be scared witless over the possibility, I am heartened. I am encouraged that our citizens have finally admitted that capable people can come from any group, gender, or corner of our huge country. We prattle on about equality, freedom, and other intangible nonsense. Well these two finally represent some real manifestations of those ideals. Not their views, but their presence.

Each election I have been assured by many opinions over the years that if so and so gets elected, Life as we know it is over. The axe will fall. Daughters taken and sold to slavers, storm trooping socialists forcing us to be nice to each other, or some other fate worse than death.

And then these bozos get elected. And guess what? Life did not end. Our kids were still safe in their beds. And America continued to stumble it's way through another day. Neither one will suddenly toss the country down the crapper. The system won't allow it.

So even if you disagree with these two over what essentially none of us have much control over anyway, be proud to be an American when and if one or the other takes the oath of office in January 2008.


Noah said...

I, for one, think it's cool to have a presidential race with something other than a bunch of (usually old) white men running for President. I really do.

Uh-oh. The bile's coming back. In closing, I'll say if it was another black man or a different woman, maybe I'd vote for someone other than a (probably old) white man.

Carlita said...

It does make me proud.

Brambor said...

Our town had about 400 people at the caucus on Sunday. Compared to 80 people at the last caucus I'd say people are more motivated to vote this time around...

A Midnight Rider said...

Senator McCrazy has too many issues. And personally I think, and hope America has learned it's lesson putting conservatives in charge.

We were just getting out of the Reagan mess and wham!!! They are back with a vengance with Jr.

343 days to go. And his last day is my birthday. What a celebration that will be.

Brambor said...

last Friday I was trying to check on weather report and dialed local am radio and just caught a brief caller's opinion saying that: "we should elect McCain so that America again gets a taste of liberalism and realize that we have to go back to Conservative government. After 4 years we could get a true conservative in the White House. - she said.

When listening to people like that I feel out of touch and severely depressed.

MRMacrum said...

If anything McCain reminds me more of the pre-Reagan Conservatives than what Ronnie nurtured and then mutated into what we have now. McCain's willingness to buck party lines is what most of them used to do on occaision when the situation warranted it.

Partisan politics of a particularily nasty and insistent type came into it's own starting with Ronnie. Both sides began playing it, but the Republicans mastered it to the point now where if any one of them even sneezes outside the party line, they get labeled RINOs, or even worse, Liberals.

In an interview with someone somewhere, McCain insisted he was indeed a Conservative, but that he would not put the Party's interests in front of the Country's no matter what. That's old school Conservatism.

Regardless, if any one of them gets the nod, it will be a major improvement and shift from what we have had the last 8 years.