Sunday, February 25, 2007

Wasted Effort

I have spent the better part of this beautiful Sunday in front of this computer attempting to bring my blog up to date. A recent change in the structure of the blogging network I am part of indicated I should make some necessary changes to my blog. These changes, they promised, would make my experience here more delightful and filled with more fun.

It seems I can now add labels to my blog so that any visitor to my site can punch up all the posts under certain categories. They then do not waste time on posts they know they will have no interest in. But in order to add this spiffy new feature, I must first complete a transformation to the new blogging protocol.

Promising a relatively pain free process, I willingly punched the appropriate button. Now 3 hours later, I sit wondering why the Hell I even tried. The blog transformed just fine. But now I have a whole new set of editing duties to fulfill on each of the 300 or so posts in order to bring them up to speed. At this point, I have 40 or so done. The rest can wait. I need to make a point now. Or an observation. A notation. A conclusion? Whatever.

Why do I bother to update the navigating aspects of a blog that has no vistors in need of navigation easement? I have had no vistors in so long, I am sure this blog has been marroned on some internet desert isle somewhere akin to a sandy atoll 3000 miles from anywhere. Yet, I still followed through with the renovation as if there were eyes other than mine around to appreciate it. If nothing else, I have made another small step in my blogging education.

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