Sunday, October 08, 2006

Dark Thirty A.M. - redux

I must have passed out during the first 1/2 hour of the "Cast Away". I have no memory of falling asleep. I slept the sleep of the dead. Yet 4 hours later, without the fanfare of a cold sweat or disturbing dream, my semi comatose existence became semi awake alertness.

In between yawns and goose bumps from the chilly air outside the blanket, I sit here typing. I am puzzled why I decided to wake up. The usual suspects are MIA. I was not particularily anxcious or stressed out today. No feelings of guilt spiking out of the normal zone. But I woke up anyway. Damn, doesn't that piss me off. A perfectly good run at a decent night's sleep ruined and I cannot figure out why.

But since I am here and awake, I may as well impart my general feelings about the Menopause musical.

Three women run into each other at a large upscale department store. Each one from a different background but exhibiting and dealing with the similar physical and emotional difficulties associated with menopause. The actresses hired for this litle production had wonderful voices. They kept me interested and entertained. And even though the audience was mostly female, I never felt like I was unwelcomed. No dark glances were cast my direction. I felt safe. An enjoyable time all in all.