Friday, March 24, 2006

Are you Open?

My workday ran into the night tonight. At 7:00PM, I knew if I was going to push further into the evening, I would have to eat something. I ordered up a cheeseburger grinder with LTM &Os. "Throw some fries in the grease pit too, would ya", I added. 10 minutes later I locked the doors, unfolded the greasy delight on the tool bench and proceeded to stuff it in. I was some hungry. Right in mid-inhale, I hear someone rattling my locked front door. With my mouth full of dripping cheeseburger pleasure I look at one of D&D twins outside. I look at the clock. 7:25PM. My sign says "Closed 6:00PM". Then the genius says as he continues to rattle the locked and unyeilding door, "Are you open?"

I swallow before I should. The lump of burger drops like a golf ball being forced through a garden hose and I holler, "Is the door locked?"

"Uh yeah", D of D&D says.

"Well, I guess I'm closed then. Thanks for checking."