Thursday, January 05, 2006

Re: Jack Abramoff

Politics and smoky back room deals have been part and parcel of politics since Eve conspired to get Adam to chomp on that apple. That does not excuse the activity. When it comes to light, we need to do more than shrug our shoulders and say, "Oh well, whatcha gonna do? That's politics."

Insisting on accountability through our vote, our outrage, and our dollars are the minimum we should bring to bear. Sadly, many are too comfortable in their own ruts to take the time to care. And the abuses continue unchecked.

Convoluting the whole mess are the divisions nursed and expanded by the various groups who benefit from these deals. We then fall into the partisan mindset and let our own crew slide but are ever ready to go for the jugulars of the other side.

Until both sides agree that the sleazy tactics and ethical misdeeds of their leaders hurts everyone, including themselves, we will continue to enable the crooks and low lifes in their quest to own our lives.