Sunday, December 25, 2005

Taking Detours

Random thoughts stop by. They have no connection to each other and no relevance to the current events in progress. They just breeze in. I will be trying my hardest to convey my inner self and suddenly I will see Fernando performing his crotch licking ceremony and I will wonder why. My previous point in the making lost for the moment as I contemplate cats and why they lick their butts.

Being prone to going off course is a two edged sword. The obvious problem is the helter skelter, hit or miss success rate for anything planned. The upside aspect are all the interesting and odd adventures I have stumbled into. Taking detours may take longer. But detours often add something special to the ruts we seem so comfortable in.

I could say this is an unusual thing for me. I would be lying. As far back as my pitiful excuse for a brain can remember, I have been a space shot. Taking anything from the beginning and following it through to the end has been a consistent problem. I am not sure why. Every project, trip, endeavor begins with enthusiastic effort and good intentions. But the trip always seems to end in a kick and scream struggle. It's as if the trip is more important than getting there. Maybe it is.