Friday, October 28, 2005

Another Manic Moment

Downstairs in the basement I use to feel safe from all the negative and unseen forces trying to emasculate and strip me of my vital essence. And then I found out about Radon. Damn.

I am sure now there is no such thing as a "natural disaster". I prepare for the worst. I anquish over what to save and what to toss as I stockpile the many items that may or may not see me through the upcoming upheaval. But does it matter anyway? They will find me and they will have their way with me.

So I hunker down in my hovel quivering and shaking, awaiting my pre-determined doom. I still occaisionally look out the one window not boarded up to watch as we hurtle toward the abyss. Assured that I am right by the lack of leaves on the trees, I retire to my tin room and open another comic.

Finding no solace from the words and pictures therein, I jump to my feet and look out the cracked window again. Oh my God! It's here. Damn the Radon, time to repair to the basement. I hastily grab a six pack of Coke and some Slim Jims and disappear to the cellar. Alone in the dark I listen for the evil I know is hunting me. A door creaks open in the muffled distance. Is that the front door? Are those footsteps? I hold my breath and hope to escape notice.

Footsteps creep closer and stop at the top of the stairs. A sudden and bright light envelopes me and I am blinded. Alas, my game is up. I stagger to my feet to await the blow of the ax ................................... "Honey? Are you down there?"

Edit Note -
The previous paranoid rant was a response I wrote in a forum. The question was - "Do you feel it?" The poster went on to explain his unease of late. That Life as he knew it has been altered. And he wondered if anyone had felt similar disquieting vibes.

Not sure why or how this came to me as I read this thread, but it did. I have always been uneasy about change of any kind. Something is afoot. Back in the 70's, one of the many things I read, predicted events that are now eerily close to the events of the last 6 years. When I try to put my finger on what is bothering me, I always come back to the word "predictability". The ability or comfort of that idea is gone now.